Thank You—And See You in L.A.!

Now that the 103rd AAM Annual Meeting is completed, I’d like to say how much we appreciated your joining us in Philadelphia. More than 5,000 of you journeyed there—despite the budget constraints affecting us all. The result was an enriching and rewarding experience for everyone. Our Philadelphia Host Committee did a superb job, staging a memorable event and introducing all attendees to the cultural riches of a great American city. Keynoters Walter Isaacson and Malcolm Gladwell wowed us, and the more than 180 session provided enlightening discussion for every museum discipline.

Our theme in Philadelphia was “The Museum Experiment” and, keeping with that, we tried some new things. Let us know how you think we did—we welcome your insight. The city where the American experiment began provided the setting for proof that the museum experiment is stronger than ever, even with the challenges we all face. I look forward to seeing all of you in Los Angeles next spring, where we will undoubtedly have the chance to learn from each other once again.—Ford W. Bell, DVM, AAM president


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