Milking Multimedia

In this economic crunch time for museums I was pleased to attend the session Friday morning entitled “Multimedia: Big Impact/Low Budget.”

The session was co-chaired by Sara DeAngelis from San Jose, Calif., and Suzanne Sarraf from Washington, D.C. Despite a few technical media-related difficulties, the presenters showed some great examples of low cost multimedia projects from museums around the country to illustrate their points.  The presenters also mentioned useful economical and open-source tools that were used in specific projects.  An interesting tool in this regard (and new to me at least) was Voice Thread, a file-sharing site.

You can get the whole session low-down and see the low-budget/high-impact multimedia examples highlighted in the session at the AAM Media & Technology Committee’s website.

On the subject of high-quality, budget-minded choices, AAM attendees might also be interested in partaking in the dim sum at Ocean Harbor on Race Street between 10th and 11th streets, just a short walk from the Convention Center.—Paul Orselli, President and Chief Instigator, Paul Orselli Workshop (POW!)


One response to “Milking Multimedia

  1. Sorry I missed the session (though not sorry that I was learning about museums in 2034 at the time) but glad to know about Voice Thread. Does it work at all like Zotero?

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