ISO: Back Story


Spotted in the convention center this afternoon: Franklin staffer and Brooking Paper winner Erika Kiessner and an unidentified co-conspirator. Snapped this picture, but when I came back, they were shut down by the Man. Who’s got story?—Susan Breitkopf, AAM editor in chief


7 responses to “ISO: Back Story

  1. I was curious what this was about also- I rushed passed and noticed it looked like Lucy’s stand from a Peanuts comic strip. When I strolled by after my conference session no one was there. If you do know, please share!

  2. I saw them packing up and four men with walkie talkies asking who cleared them for setting up there. They seemed to have closed down and walked off in good spirits.

  3. Erika Kiessner

    Myself and friend Dana Schloss, set up this booth to do something irreverent at this year’s conference.

    We did get asked to leave by a polite but firm man with a walkie-talkie; otherwise we would probably have stayed until the end of the conference.

    We had a great time talking to people about topics ranging from carpets to communicating big ideas to the swine flu.

    I hope anyone who stopped by found it worth the five cents.

  4. Aw, who didn’t know that was going to happen? The Man was bound to crack down on that. Having Too Much Fun is always something of a target.

    You “guerilla exhibitors” totally won my heart, though, and I spent my nickel, but it wasn’t really about the nickel, or the fact that you weren’t supposed to be there, or even that I needed advice all that much. From my p.o.v., for all the attempts to get us talking at AAM, this was one of the best things EVER in my five times attending.

    Sessions, articles, and discussion about generational divides could make hay with this one. Ideas. Experimentation. Gen Y’s ascending…so much good stuff in there.

    Did you make much money? Did The Man take the nickel jar?

  5. I loved this as well; especially the fact that it wasn’t planned into the schedule and no one knew about it. I went to a session yesterday that talked about the spontaneity, serendipity and power of graffitti – this was just like that.

  6. This was awesome! They actually answered by exhibit question!

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