First Impressions of a First-Timer

Excitement and anticipation. These are the two terms that sum up my sentiments leading up to the 2009 Annual Meeting.  What sessions do I attend? Who will I meet? What social events do I choose? And all that in four short days?!

Turns out my first day as a “First Timer” wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought, and now that Day 2 is coming to an end, I feel as though I’ve gotten a good grip on the flow of the Annual Meeting—it just takes a little planning (and comfortable walking shoes).

I started out with a session on globalization and the “Global Museum.” Next on the list was the First Time Attendee Reception, where I was able to share first day impressions. Much appreciated also was the presence of seasoned meeting attendees and AAM staff who happily pointed out what not to miss at the conference. The perfect ending to Day 1 was the AAM Opening Party at Please Touch Museum, which showed me one thing: Museum folks know how to party! Besides dancing (like a kid again), I highly enjoyed meeting attendees from all over the country (and the world) over delicious desserts and cocktails.

Most importantly, however, I have come to realize that you make the most out of your first AAM Annual Meeting by acknowledging that the conversations with colleagues are just as valuable—and vital—as the educational sessions you attend.—Silvana Pop, public relations coordinator, Please Touch Museum


2 responses to “First Impressions of a First-Timer

  1. Silvana:
    Welcome to AAM and be prepared to embark on a great journey filled w/amazing and valuable conversations w/colleagues over the years. After the conference, please consider how you might like to take part and engage in this community of museum practioners you’ve joined. Shop around for the opportunities to contribute and benefit – from reaching out to a local colleague to compare notes to the regional museum association (Mid-Atlantic Assn of Museums) External Affairs Committee to the PR & Marketing Committe of AAM, or the Emerging Professionals group. AAM staff and members are eager to have you take part – your perspectives are important and valuable as we continue our work together to make museums matter in the 21st century and beyond. Welcome aboard!

  2. First time impressions… an unexpected benefit of attending the AAM Conference in Philadelphia occurred watching the
    “Spark” movie during the General Session Friday. I was reminded so delightfully of why I am a museum advocate. This thought resurfaced during the “How to Prove the Value of Museums”presentation: I am indeed evidence of the personal value of museums to individuals. This boost of affirmment to my career choice and hopes for the future was a lovely surprise!

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