“Spark” Plug

Museum Week celebrates the 2009 AAM conference coming to Philadelphia while allowing the city to highlight the incredible wealth of cultural opportunities available in this region for residents, visitors and conference attendees. But local conference hosts Nancy Kolb of the Please Touch Museum and Gail Harrity of the Philadelphia Museum of Art wanted to create a legacy piece that would live on well after the 2009 AAM Annual Meeting wrapped.

And so the idea of “Spark” was born.

Local filmmaker and director Glenn Holsten interviewed 85 Philadelphia museum fans from all walks of life who shared deeply personal stories about the profound impact Philadelphia museums and cultural institutions have on their hearts and minds. The result is a powerful and emotional short film about chance meetings with things and places that generated a spark and forever changed the way people experienced the world.

Produced by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance in association with the American Association of Museums, “Spark” features a colorful mix of stories that testify to the power and meaning of museums in people’s lives. “Spark” showcases the potential that each visit has for being remarkable; it shows that museums matter.—Silvana Pop, public relations coordinator, Please Touch Museum


One response to ““Spark” Plug

  1. I love museums. Watching “Spark” made me smile in agreement with all the others who share a kindred appreciation for our local treasures. Thanks for a great film. Can’t wait to watch it again.

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