Be With Us in Spirit

Even if you can’t make it to Philly for this year’s annual meeting, we have a number of ways you can stay in the loop:

Twitter: Follow us on Twitter or write your own tweets using #aam09.

Flickr: Upload your photos from this year’s meeting to our Flickr photo pool.

Today’s Meet: Chat with colleagues in Philly and from around the world through this backchannel. Use this space to discuss presenters, workshops, evening events or Ford Bell sightings.


3 responses to “Be With Us in Spirit

  1. Hi there. I did a test Tweet using the hashtag but it hasn’t shown up on AAMers. Is there a trick to it? I registered with hashtags…

    • You have to do a search in Twitter for #aam09. Or check out the RSS feed on the bottom right of the blog. Keep tweeting!

    • How To Use Hashtags.

      First, follow @hashtags on Twitter. They will follow you back automatically, and your hashtags will be tracked.

      Next, start using the hashtag #AAM09 in your tweets, preceding key words.

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