Advice from a Frequent Flier

As you look forward to the annual meeting, I have three recommendations. Identify your expectations for the experience—specifically what you want to bring home to your museum. It may be as modest as sample publications or public programs that you find in MuseumExpo or Marketplace of Ideas, or it could be to apply a new technique or best practice you learn about.

Before you visit MuseumExpo, select three to five products or services that you’re interested in learning more about or shopping for and use your list as a guide; it helps to have something to focus on as you travel up and down the aisles. And finally, allow some time when you can pause to reflect on your experiences in an enjoyable way. For me, it will be spending an afternoon at a Philadelphia museum!—Ann A. Fortescue, Director of Education & Visitor Services, Senator John Heinz History Center


2 responses to “Advice from a Frequent Flier

  1. Time to reflect is a great idea! I would love to reflect at the opening night party but I did not get approval to attend the conference until after the ticket deadline. Do any of ya’all have an extra ticket that I may purchase?
    Looking forward to a great event,
    Rikki Davenport

    • When you get to Philly, look for the Ticket Exchange–located in the Grand Hall by registration and the AAM Bookstore–where you might be able to get someone else’s unwanted ticket. We’ll be there from 11am-6pm Thursday, April 30 and 8am-6pm Friday-Sunday. Hope this helps!

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